evan longoria catch real or fake

Are these Evan Longoria YouTube videos great? Evan Longoria’s spectacular catch; Find Evan Longoria Catch Real Or Fake? Or read this article commercially to know the facts.

A YouTube video of Evan Longoria has gone viral

According to a YouTube blog, a viral video of Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria making a spectacular catch during a press interview has become the most shared and trending video on YouTube.

In the clip, Longoria walks back to home plate as a line drive ball slides down the baseline. Before hitting the reporter over the head, the third baseman deflects the ball and points.

Who Is Evan Longoria?

Evan Michael Longoria (born October 7, 1985), nicknamed “Longo”, is an American professional baseball player. The third baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball (MLB), he previously played in MLB for the Tampa Bay Rays from 2008 to 2017 and the San Francisco Giants from 2018 to 2022.


This is the ultimate heroic moment. A few years ago, we saw a video of Tampa Bay Rays third baseman and All-Star Evan Longoria doing something to save someone’s life while confronting one of his Rays teammates during an inning. ESPN’s Kenny Mene Live watches those empty ball hand drills

We were all impressed with Evans’ quick reaction time and his confident ability to handle the ball with his hands. Not to mention his impressive level of sobriety, of course. We were shocked and the video went viral.

What things did he go to?

For starters, the Gillette logo surrounds the video background. The video was shot at McKenney Field in Florida and Gillette has never had so many gestures.

Another gift comes from knowing the game of baseball. Safety cages are usually located in the BP, preventing players from running around the field collecting missed balls. Must have at least one finger and none. Most importantly, there is no safety net to protect the pitchers, something an MLB team would never have done during BP.

Who would have thought that years later this low production video would be seen by millions more people than the original ad?

It makes for an interesting scene, but is Evan Longoria’s capture real or fake?

Deadspin thinks not. The sports site cites the Gillette logo around Longoria, a reporter, and spokesperson for Gillette, proving it was all staged.

Some also pointed to the news channel’s questionable lack of branding, while other commentators pointed to alleged editorial leaps and mistakes.

There are some things the internet calls “fake”! He likes to say too much. But this clip looks great.

Video Proof


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