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You can listen to or watch online ENC Application Form from the Android app. Today I am going to share the most wanted item and give information about ENC Application Form is Safe or not?

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The Internet has made it very easy to apply for a new electricity meter. Now you can apply on the go as well as on the computer. These available forms can be used by any utility company in seconds. Just fill in your basic information and submit your form.

The government of Pakistan has launched a new web portal. This portal is designed with a special online form. This form enables the general public to access this page and apply online. We have entered the address of the portal below.

What is ENC Application Form?

Electricity New Connection (ENC) system or online website. The website supports all utility companies that provide electricity across Pakistan. So if you have a complaint or want to apply for a new meter or other related work you can visit this website and solve your problem online at your home in seconds. Get Maximum Discount on StormFiber Internet Packages Today.

Highlights of ENC Application Form

The government of Pakistan has taken one more good step for the citizens of Pakistan. This is a free service for the current ENC new connection system that applies online. The new scheduling priority will be implemented by order of this Authority. New WAPDA affiliation requires online processing; In simple terms, just follow the procedure described here for you.

A senior official of the Pakistan Water and Power Development Agency has announced that it will submit an online application for a new power connection system to implement the ENC through the ENC system. Citizens no longer need to visit the office in person, just go to enc.com.pk and submit Vapda electricity meter application form online.

ENC Electricity New Connection System Online Application Form

This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) is introducing an online system for new electricity meters. A WAPDA representative will come to your home to collect applications from customers.

Customers are told not to bribe WAPDA agents. If you have any problems, please contact the phone number of the senior officer who comes to the office. When you apply online for a new electrical connection system apply for ENC and you will receive a meter tracking ID.

How to Apply For Electricity New Connection?

Just follow these following instructions and online apply a new meter connection in Pakistan.

  • Click on Electricity New Connection (ENC)
  • All-in-one portal for new connections open
  • Now select “New Connection Type”
  • Select your coverage area
  • Select area company name
  • Fill the required form correctly
  • Now provide your contact number
  • Provide other sources of contact
  • Attach your neighbor’s information
  • Attach applicants & witness CNIC copy
  • Paste neighbor electricity bill copy
  • Agree to the general terms and conditions
  • Click on the “SUBMIT”.

A Webportal that has everything

In past, we have to visit the electricity companies’ offices for new connections. But now to make this service easy and faster. The government of Pakistan has made a web portal for the whole of Pakistan. Means complete Pakistan wherever you are from you can apply online. Get your new connection in a few days.

  1. This is an all-in-one web portal
  2. Get new connection in Pakistan
  3. Portal support All-Electric Companies
  4. Just fill the required fields & correct options
  5. Agree to the terms & conditions and click Submit
  6. This is an easy & quick method for everyone


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