Did Joey And Kariselle Get Married

The article describes the trend of couple Did Joey And Kariselle Get Married and their relationship updates. People who want to know the details can read joy and carefully.

Who is happiness and who is tight? Did you see the right match in Season 1? What was the tendency to do about them? Did he get married? You are together? People around the world try to learn something about the couple. Read the article to learn more about Dead Joy and Carzil.

Who are happiness and currency?

Joy is involved in the circle and Karisal participated in the animals. He appeared in a separate event in Season 1. The two later participated in the perfect agreement. This is a reality TV drama and Nick Lachi has organized a dating show. The show ends with unpaid participants.

Then new people will enter and try to find their partners. Finally, the winners are selected on the basis of the coordination of the eliminator. Therefore, happiness and courses are couples that enter the final round.

Are joy and carcals together?

Joy and Carisley engaged in the final part. Joy shared his feelings against Karisal and later accepted the proposal. The last part of the right game was sent. After the show, the couple separated and both of them showed their way. However, they said they take care of each other and follow other Instagram.

According to sources, Joy and Karisal confirmed in March 2023 that they were different after the final part. People from different places are excited to know the status of their famous couple. Khabar Joy and Karisal married a viral the social media platform.


  • Name: Joy Sasso
  • DOB: December 13993
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5.10
  • Marital status single
  • Net Wing: 1.5 million US dollars
  • Name: Current snow
  • Age: 22 years
  • Height: 5.6
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Net Wing: 1 million US dollars
  • Marital status single


In this article, Joy and Karisel, Joy and Karisel confirmed that the final part of the perfect match was different after filming. The trend couple gave the news in the interview on March 223. They were not together and they left, but they showed themselves to the care of each other and care. Get online details.

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