Dark and Darker Wizard Class

This guide contains information about the Dark and Darker Wizard Class, a summary of weapons, perks, and abilities, as well as gameplay tips and tricks.

In Dark and Darker Wizard Class, the mage class is referred to as a mage. The caster can deal massive damage and give bonuses to his team with a staff or spell book.

The Wizard is a glass cannon, much like the Ranger, but the damage output (especially fireballs) makes the class a lot more fun to play. If you enjoy playing with the mystical forces of the world, then Wizard of Darkness and Darkness may be the class for you.

Wizard class overview

In Dark and Dark, the Wizard is an intense class that can be used in both single and multiplayer situations. Mage can be played in different ways depending on your spells, perks or abilities.

Professionals in this category

  • Haste and ranged spells are both incredibly powerful.
  • Lots of deadly spells.
  • Unlike clerics, they can meditate in the middle to heal spells.
  • Benefits of Multilateral Members
  • One of the most important classes in the game, dealing massive amounts of damage on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of this class

  • low health pool; weak
  • Slow motion and speech.
  • Playing solo can be a big challenge, especially when you’re dealing with fast-moving rogues and rangers.

Best perks for the wizard class

The wizard has nine perk options, four of which you can equip. What you choose for many of these benefits depends on the spell you use. To bring equipped casters on par with other classes, casters gain a lazy debuff. Unfortunately, the deduction applies to all wizards, even if you’re just starting out. Still, there are options to consider. We suggest the following benefits for tuition.

to melt

Wizards have a great combo when they choose Melt, starting with Fireball and switching to Magic Missile. Increases the effect of magical missiles by 10% for 5 seconds and reduces the armor of targets affected by the Melt Fire spell.

fast song

A magician is very slow in everything he does. Wizard Molasses plays whether you’re trying to open a door or walking around a room. Quick Chant lets you cast spells 10% faster, and everything helps a little.

sheet of ice

Casters have a +20 armor rating due to Ice Shield and will freeze anyone who tries to hit you in melee. This will greatly improve your survivability; Some people wear them as soon as they start playing in class.

Mysterious mastery

When using ranged magic missiles, this perk reduces their casting time by 1 second and increases their damage by 5%.

Best weapon for mage class

Wizards start with staffs and eventually become able to use crystal balls, crystal swords, and spell books. The spellbook is generally the best choice due to its faster casting speed, but if you prefer a magic-melee hybrid style, the crystal sword is better. The wizard wears primarily leather and cloth armor, which does not slow him down.

Wizard gameplay tips you need to remember!

  • Sorcerer starts out slow and once you’re equipped with respectable gear and perks, you’ll feel its full power. Grinding moves a little slower.
  • You may find that you are the target in most group interactions. You can use haste to avoid situations or use it for allied allies (barbarians are excellent choices for this).
  • Be careful when casting spells as you can easily kill yourself or your allies by mistake.
  • When playing alone, an experienced mage is dangerous. Even with basic equipment, your damage output is very high. A well-placed fireball or some magic missiles can destroy other players with similarly low gear. Defending against missiles and fireballs is also an incredible challenge.
  • Cast Speed is the coolest feature, as it affects how quickly you can use meditation to regenerate magic and cast magic missiles, a deadly spell.
  • Don’t hesitate to use extra magic damage.


If you want to conquer dungeons, use lightning attacks and throw fireballs as a strong mage, the dark and dark wizard class is a perfect choice. Thanks to the guide above, you will have all the knowledge you need to become a great wizard in the dark and dark. So if you’re thinking of playing this awesome class, jump in, gear up and wreak havoc!

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Written by Patna Motihari

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