Crazy Drop Real Or Fake

Crazy Drop Legal Stories verifies the authenticity of the application and provides an honest analysis of the application to the readers.

Do you have a chance to earn real money without any effort on your account? Can you earn real money playing online games? An application that has recently gained popularity in South Africa, Nigeria, and the Philippines is gaining attention as players claim that they are getting real money. What, if anything, proves the app’s claims to be true? Is he called [?

We will give you a brief description and verify the legality of the Crazy Drop app. We will determine if the Crazy Drop Real Or Fake.

What is Crazy Drop?

Crazy Drop is a plinko game with many pins or obstacles.

The developer claims that you can use your earnings to redeem real cash rewards via PayPal, Line Pay, Alipay and more!

All you have to do is tap the screen to make the coins fall from above. These tokens deflect from the pin and fall into the slot below.

When a coin lands in a slot, Crazy Drop rewards you with bonus points.

If you light all 9 lightbulbs you can trigger the slot machine and collect more tokens.

Is Crazy Drop Legal?

If you play this game to earn money, we tell you that you won’t get any money from it. Once you participate and complete the steps to withdraw your funds, the process takes longer than necessary and sometimes the server stops working.

Additionally, there is no alternative to local banking institutions to conduct transactions. Apart from that, it also shows USD mining rig. But honestly, USD mining is not an easy task, so we can safely say that this is a scam. So, while Crazy Drop isn’t a legal solution, it’s a big number.

Another reason to mention is that ads are very annoying while playing games and you have to watch ads while redeeming rewards. We can be sure that the developers will get all the benefits.

Crazy Drop Game Features

  • Simple and easy controls
  • An engaging UX with addictive gameplay
  • It is possible to earn points even when you are offline or not connected to online services.

Crazy Drop Game Rating:

This does not appear to be a genuine website. The game is easy to play and has attracted a lot of attention recently as some users claimed that the app paid by simply pressing the screen and then lighting its lightbulb. But we will give an objective rating of this game.

  • You can enjoy this game as a fun activity and pass the time in your free time.
  • Don’t think of this application as a way to earn money, just play with it.
  • People claim that they make money, but many users live in the dark and do not make any income.
  • So, based on this crazy drop-game review, we can say that the genuine PayPal Cash app is completely fake.
  • We encourage readers of our website to refrain from such claims.
  • Additionally, if one wants to play the game to entertain oneself, it is possible to continue it.

How to play Crazy Drop?

Just tap the screen to flip the green and gold coins up and into the pegboard.

You can choose where to put it. The tokens will find their way through the pin and land in the slot below, lighting the bulb.

Each slot has a specific multiplier that increases by 100x each time the lightbulb lights up.

Green coins add virtual dollars to your cash, while gold coins give you tokens.

For example, if a green token lands on the x100 slot, you get $1, which is a grand prize.

You start the game with an order of 300 coins, but you can always get another 50 coins by watching videos.

If you light all 9 lightbulbs, you will activate the 3-reel slot machine and have a chance to win more green and gold coins.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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