Is Coazone Scam Or Legit

Read exclusive facts not available elsewhere to know Is Coazone Scam Or Legit? Also, know Coazone features, customer reviews, and honesty. is an example of a website that deceives customers by using misleading information. By reading this article, you can get a better idea of why Meste.the shop was started, what services it offers, and what it entails.

Mestay. shop is an e-shop that ships products to the United States. Coazone strives to provide high demand products at low prices with free shipping. But do you want to check Cozon scam or legit?

Overview:’s mission statement and email addresses and aliases associated with business, products, offices in Cyprus and California, and, Cozone I state.

If a problem occurs, who will you contact (or) review, review, (or) complain? So checking whether Coazone is a scam or legit is a negative highlight for consumers. Features:

  • storage box,
  • car accessories,
  • Repair tools and accessories,
  • kitchen appliances,
  • furniture,
  • electronic,
  • Electricity
  • sanitary supplies,
  • security items,
  • clothes
  • beauty and care products,
  • electric vehicle,
  • Toys and
  • Pet utility

Key points of Coazone:

  • Buy storage boxes here—
  • Price – Between $4.99 and $89.99.
  • Physical Address – 29010 Commerce Center Dr. Valencia, CA-91355 USA, and Latymar Ltd., Level 1, 81-83 Grivas Avenue, Nicosia 1090, Cyprus.
  • Company Number – HE-421854. The address is correct as per the company registration number.
  • Email addresses – [email protected] and [email protected]. The email belongs to a different domain.
  • Telephone (or) WhatsApp number – +1 (415) 417-2329 is the contact number.
  • Terms and Conditions – Mentioned But Cozon, Cozon is responsible for investigating fraud or legitimate theft?
  • Privacy Policy – Suggested but stolen in Kozone.
  • Shipping Terms – Ship orders in seven to fifteen days.

Minus Point Of Coazone

  1. Cozon presents 215 articles in various categories
  2. Free shipping is supported on orders over $49
  3. Mestay. shop offers different payment methods in different currencies.


  1. Contact person, dealer locator, cancellation policy and cancellation fee not mentioned
  2. allows unlimited orders of similar items
  3. Very cheap prices and discounts up to 50%.

Is Coazone legal?

  • Construction of Kozon – February 7, 2023.
  • Cozon at seven days old.
  • Coazone Last Updated – February 7, 2023.
  • Zone Expiration – February 7, 2024.
  • Cozon life span – 11 months and 26 days.
  • Confidence index – a terrible 2%.
  • Proximity to suspicious websites – 28% less.
  • Threat Profile – 41%.
  • Fishing – 41%.
  • Malware Score – 9%.
  • Spam Score – 5%.
  • Domain Authority – Poor 1/100.
  • Corporate Rating – 42.5% below average.
  • Place of origin – China, high risk country.
  • Alexa Rating – Zero
  • Blacklist Status – Cozon is not blacklisted.
  • Connection Security – Cozone uses a valid HTTPS connection.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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