benefits of exercise for older adults

Here are the benefits of exercise for older adults. It is a common misconception that older adults should avoid exercise due to the risk of injury. The truth is that a sedentary lifestyle does more harm than good.

The risk of injury is always there, even for young people. The key here is to find the right exercises for your condition and do them correctly. For example, patients with osteoporosis should avoid high-impact sports or jogging and running as this can lead to fractures. The same goes for those involving twisting and bending. Instead, they can improve balance and stability exercises and flexibility.

People with incontinence can also exercise and lead an active lifestyle. There are products they can wear, such as incontinence pads, that are designed for these activities. With these articles it is possible to train with incontinence with confidence. As already mentioned, the type and intensity of training depend on your health. It’s always best to talk to your doctor for recommendations on the best safety practices. Here are the benefits of exercise for older adults.

Maintain an average weight

A healthy weight is important for everyone, regardless of age. Obesity can lead to various health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy weight becomes more difficult as you age because your metabolism slows down with age. Exercise, especially cardio, can increase your metabolism and maintain your ideal weight with a balanced diet.

Strong bones and muscles

Strong bones and muscles are important for older adults so they can live independently without relying too much on others. This increases their confidence. This will also benefit the family or caregivers as caring will not become too difficult. Some exercises for this are pilates and weight lifting. Start each day with a few minutes of gentle exercise to warm up your body. Once you get used to it, you can set yourself up for just half an hour a day.

Promotes good sleep

Sedentary elderly people often have trouble sleeping. Exercising two to three hours before going to bed will help you sleep better. As you exercise, your body temperature rises, promoting recovery as you cool down. Getting enough sleep also improves concentration. It also boosts your immune system as this is the time when your cells regenerate and your body repairs itself.

Prevents heart problems

Obesity and high blood sugar, cholesterol and pressure increase the risk of heart disease. As mentioned earlier, exercise helps maintain a healthy weight. It can also lower blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels, thereby preventing heart problems.

Energy increases

When you are inactive, you feel weak. Exercising gives you energy so you can enjoy different activities or things you enjoy. If you don’t have stamina, you will lose it, which will affect your quality of life.

When you choose safe exercise, you reap the benefits of being active. Consult your doctor before playing any sport to avoid injury or further problems. Notify your doctor immediately if you experience pain or discomfort while exercising.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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