Apna App Is Real Or Fake

In today’s post, we will take a look at a job search app called Apna App and see if Apna App is real or fake.

Please read this complete article to get answers to all your Apna application questions.

Introduction: Apna App

Apna is a job search application with more than 1 million registered application users using the application job search service. It started in June 2019. Our app provides instant results to find the best new jobs, graduate jobs, full-time jobs, jobs near you, work-from-home jobs, office clerical jobs, sales jobs, retail jobs, and much more. So in a reputed company.

It can help you land your dream job in no time. They work together to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity and provide end-to-end recruitment solutions. The official website of Apnatime Tech Pvt Ltd is apna.co.

Specification: Apna App

  • Apna is a free app for all users.
  • If the employer wants money, they have the option to report the button.
  • They have strict verification procedures for all job postings and employers.
  • They do not charge any commission from employers for hiring candidates through their platform.
  • Apna app can help in skill development through our app’s community groups for more than 70 job categories.
  • They have implemented strict security measures to protect the private information of their users.
  • Never ask for financial information like bank account number, UPI etc.
  • They ban all MLM, network marketing and paid survey work.
  • To protect the privacy of people in the ecosystem, phone numbers of employers and candidates are masked.

Is Apna App Is Real Or Fake?

After researching the internet and various consumer forums, we found many people sharing their experiences on the Apna app, and this is a good thing. According to our research, apna.co is an official application that allows you to find jobs easily.

Apna App is a platform that connects job seekers and employers, but does not directly participate in the interaction between candidates and employers. However, they have a “report” feature that allows users to notify them of unprofessional/inappropriate interactions with employers and they will take appropriate action.

According to the website, it has helped more than 2.2 million users achieve their business goals. There are 5 million women users who rely on this app to find jobs and learn new skills.

Is Apna App safe to use?

Apna App values the trust and safety of all its users. You do not allow fraud, abuse, MLM/network marketing, paid job postings or self-defeating content. So, based on our findings, our app is safe to use.

Who is the Founder of Apna App?

If we talk about the founder of Apna app, his name is Nirmit Parikh and it is only Indian platform. The app was launched only last year but is now taking center stage.

Register Apna App

If you also want to get job, first thing is India Option Review or Apna Application Registration. H. Login, we have explained the process on our YouTube and you can watch the video below and register.

Apna App Wikipedia

Currently there is no information about Apna App on Wikipedia but it seems to be coming soon. You should know that Wikipedia thoroughly studies some outdated information on a wiki before reporting it.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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