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Alan Keating has earned an excellent reputation in the poker community and is widely recognized for his remarkable performances at prestigious events such as the World Series of Poker.

His notable achievements include his victory in the 2007 No-Limit Hold’em tournament, where he won an impressive $3,408 in winnings, which raised his profile and earned him many accolades.

Yes, we all want to know how much Alan Keating is worth! In other words, what is Alan Keating’s net worth in 2024, huh? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. But why is the poker world suddenly collectively Googling Alan Keating’s net worth in 2024? This guy won a $1.2 million pot at Hustler Casino Live.


He is one of the most famous American poker players. His fearless attitude has brought him to fame. He often faces high-stakes games and experienced opponents who know how to confidently play a poker flush.

He has been playing online since the early 2000s, although he may not be one of the best poker players you’ve ever heard of. However, he has played many cash games (private and open) and appeared on several live TV games, including Hustler Casino Live and High Stakes Poker.

Keating has participated in many prestigious tournaments, most of which were WSOP tournaments. His first appearance in a live game was at the 38th WSOP in 2007. He finished 224th out of 2,628 participants in the $1,500 limit hold’em.

Alan Keating Net Worth

Alan Keating Net Worth

There are reports that Alan Keating’s net worth is around $15 million, although some real-money online poker game players claim that it is much higher. However, Allen’s net worth cannot be measured by his live tournament earnings, which are approximately $237,068. His claims that he is an investor in various financial companies, which adds to his bankroll, make more sense.

Many fans of the Pai Go poker game also believe that their net worth comes from their official job. He is reported to be a partner at the Department of Capital and Financial Markets and a member of the Irish Tax Institute and Law Society, all of which may contribute to his net worth.

As is the culture of most poker players, Alan Keating keeps his private life away from the public. However, he is best known as a friend of famous millionaire and poker star Dan Bilzerian, whom he posts about on Instagram. Alan is married to Anita Van Laersel and has four children.

Alan Keating’s Profession: Poker Pro
As a renowned American poker professional, Alan Keating has made a name for himself in the poker community. His remarkable performances in tournaments like the World Series of Poker have made him one of the best players.

The Alan Keating Story: An Entrepreneur Turned Poker Star
Keating was born in Ireland in 1978 and his entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 16 when he started selling handmade crafts online. This early venture laid the foundation for his future success in both business and poker.

Alan Keating’s Personal Life: Spouse and Family
Details about Alan Keating’s dating or family life have not been widely released. His personal life is relatively private compared to his public poker persona.

Alan Keating


Q: How much did Alan Keating win in the biggest pot of all time in a USA live-stream poker game?

The US Alan Keating wins an incredible $1.2 million in the biggest pot ever in a live stream poker game.

Q: What is Alan Keating’s net worth?

Although the exact figure is not known, some sources suggest that Alan Keating’s net worth may be around $15 million, and estimates suggest that it could potentially reach $500 million.

Q: What is Alan Keating’s educational background?

Alan Keating earned a degree in psychology from the University of Maryland, completed additional studies at Essex College to become a physician assistant, and earned a master’s degree in physician assistant studies from the University of Nebraska.

Alan Keating Net Worth


Although Alan Keating Net Worth did not win many poker tournaments, his net worth and achievements exceed the records of some poker players. His passion for poker made him one of the poker personalities to watch out for. For more reviews like this visit Examviews.

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